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Sheep Art

Sheep Art - Sharing the lighter side of sheep and all things sheepish.

I am an artist myself and so appreciate the artistic efforts of other art enthusiasts, especially when sheep, shepherd and working dogs are the focus of the work.

For my own work I photos to reference from as I draw as this allows me to capture the detail I like to have. Since I'm out and about on a daily basis I often pack the camera with me and pause to take photos whenever it strikes me to do so.

I began drawing with pastels but have more recently moved into color pencil and scratchboard art.

Since I am surrounded by nature and my living is honed from it, it is an obvious subject source for me.

Of interest to me is the aspect of working dogs, both livestock guardian dogs and stock dogs (Australian Kelpies in particular) and I have begun a series of work on these subjects. There is nothing better than sheep and dogs and capturing both in a piece of artwork.

Artwork in Other Places

There is an incredible collection on the web, complied by Niki Sawyer. Every now and again I browse this collection because it fascinates me. It is an extensive collection worth taking a look at.

Niki Sawyer Sheep Art Collection

This fascinating display is one of the first very pieces I came across. I find this art exhibit absolutely amazing.

Isn't that something else! I admire the creativity behind this. There are more photos and a full article on the artist Jean Luc Cornec at this blog

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