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Ranching and Raising Sheep

We are two prairie dwellers with a simplistic and balanced approach to raising sheep. We manage a flock of ewes on grass and with low inputs.

Sheep are a charismatic, hardy, easily managed ruminant animal, highly under utilized in grassland systems.

Ranching connects land with livestock and is a compelling, diverse and clarifying way of life.

Welcome to our corner of the world, where nature is paramount. 

A flock of ewes and lambs is often touted as being more labor intensive than other livestock but this isn't necessarily the case.

Explore our site and learn about flock management via a low input, sustainable grass based manner. From our experience it is a very workable arrangement.

We cover that to.

Livestock and Land are Connected

There is a bigger picture that we have misplaced in recent agriculture. Land and livestock are intrinsically linked. They belong to one another.

On this site we also explore what it means to be grass-based and the aspects of pasture management and keeping diverse and healthy grasslands in order maintain the land and livestock connection.

Sustainable is the "ability to support and uphold". By this very definition, we realize our approach has to be sustainable if we are to succeed.

We believe in the ability of people to succeed and be profitable in agriculture. The potential lies in controlling our profits and bringing back the belief that success is possible in our industry.

Welcome to Ranching with Sheep

Are you ready for the shift?